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Voluntary Health Insurance

Students enrolled at Columbus State University are eligible for voluntary health insurance and can follow this link for more information.


Mandatory Health Insurance

The university System of Georgia requires only  certain students to carry a minimum level of insurance coverage. Students in this group include international students with an F-1 or J-1 visa, graduate assistants, and student athletes.

Domestic Students

Domestic students who already have major medical insurance coverage  may apply for a waiver with United Healthcare. A waiver must be submitted for each semester you are enrolled. To submit a waiver request, please visit and click on the link for the Columbus State University Waiver Form. You will be prompted for your date of birth and student ID. Once you submit that information, you will have to provide information regarding your current insurance coverage. If you are unsure of the answer to one of the first four questions, please answer YES and United Healthcare will verify your coverage. For Spring 2019, the deadline to submit your waiver is February 7, 2019. Please allow 7 business days for approved waivers to appear on the student account.

If you do not have existing insurance and will keep the coverage with United Healthcare, please visit and click on the Enrollment Form link. This will allow you to print an insurance card, verify your benefits, and check on the status of claims.

International Students

 International students will automatically be enrolled in Health Insurance. This is required by the Board of Regents. International students can sign up for a more affordable PGH Global Insurance plan and waive the mandatory insurance. Please contact the Center for Global Engagement for more information.